100+ Directory Submission Sites List 2022: Free & Dofollow

Directory Submission Sites List 2022

Directory Submission Sites

Top 100+ Directory Submission Sites List 2022: Free & Dofollow

Directory Submission is when websites are submitted to different directories on a regular basis. Doing so can greatly increase the site’s exposure and ranking.

By submitting your site to as many directories as possible you will ultimately increase the visibility and traffic of the site, but there are a few things you should consider when doing so.

When submitting to a directory it is vital that you familiarize yourself with the directory submission policy. Some directories will accept submissions from anyone who wants to put their site there, others want to see that you are being hosted by a certain company in order for them to consider adding your site. Also, some directories will only accept the same type of site again and again.

Directory Submission is a very good method of advertising your site so you should seriously consider doing so. There is plenty of information online about exactly how to go about directory submission, so you should research it thoroughly before starting.

Different Types of Directory Submission Sites

The three main types of directories submission sites are free submission, paid submission, and competition-based. The free directory submission site is the site that allows anyone to submit their information to a category or other directories for free. 

The paid directory submission site does not allow anyone to submit information for free, but it allows its members to make some money for doing so. 

Competition-based directory submissions sites have a set number of spots that are available. Users compete against each other in order to get one of these spaces on the website and then they earn money when the space is filled or when their names are listed on the site.

Free Directory Submission

Free Directory Submission is a directory submission site that will help you submit your website to top search engines. By filling out the form and clicking on the “Submit” button, you are telling each search engine how to find your site. You will be able to tell each search engine what pages to index, what keywords to use in your description, and other important information about your site.

You may submit as many sites as you want, but please do not submit the same site twice. Each submission will receive a unique URL for each website that you submit. You may also include subdomains in your submission by linking one URL (or subdomain) from each site to the next. The pages from those subdomains should be included in the online submission form so they are indexed by the search engines.

Reciprocal Regular Listing directory submission

Reciprocal Regular Listing directory submission is the process of subscribing to a directory without putting any information in for automatic confirmation. There is no need to put any information about the listing, as it will be added automatically. The process can cause spam issues with the specific directories that allow this procedure and should not be used in most cases. 

It has the bonus of listing a directory without having to pay a listing fee while allowing an automated and continual addition of listings. Even though it is automatic, reciprocal directories are still useful since they are ranked against each other and can often be used to rank or monitor directories on a specific subject, or geographical region. The ability to have listings in more than one directory that are automatically added is also useful for those who update their own listings regularly.

Paid Listing directory submission

Paid listing directory submission is a marketing strategy that has been used in order to advertise on the website. The marketer pays an amount of money in order to have their content listed on the website, providing them with an advertisement for their respective business. 

The paid directory submission may allow for the marketer to have their content appear higher than other listings in search results by being listed towards the top of the category or by appearing alongside other sponsored listings. The commission rate is dependent upon how close your placement appears to other listings and can range from Rs 1000 to Rs 2500 per click, giving marketers a wide range of options about where and how they want their content displayed.

Automatic Web Submission

Automatically Web Submission is the directory submission function that automatically submits your website to multiple directories. The particular directories you choose are based on certain keywords within your website and the keywords you choose. Once your submission is completed, it is sent to the search engines. In conclusion, these services are ideal when it comes to helping with SEO as they improve visibility for all websites participating in the system.

Directory submissions are an important aspect of building your online business. This is because direct links from the web directories are more relevant than links coming from other pages. The search engines have found that web directory to have a lot of credibilities, as they have been around for a long time and have a high-quality standard. As a result, this makes it easier to rank higher in the search engines.

Manually Submission Directory Submission

A popular directory submission strategy for any website is to submit the website to a wide range of directories and manually include the URL in each directory. Generally, directories are added manually by copying and pasting the URL from one browser tab into another. This should not be done with any directories that have high bounce rates because it can be a waste of time. If a directory has been submitted manually, it is recommended to use the nofollow attribute on the link so that the link traffic does not pass PageRank.

It is recommended to identify appropriate directories for manual submission and add them to a list. After compiling a list of appropriate sites, check each site for its acceptance policy before submitting a URL manually. All links should be added during off-peak hours to prevent any unnecessary PageRank loss and bandwidth usage to one’s own server. A link builder’s success rate should be tracked using linkspam metrics and analyzed in order to improve performance before adding further URLs manually.

Nofollow Directory Submission

The term “Nofollow” is an acronym for “do not follow”. This is a directory submission code on websites, like google search or bing that tells search engines to not follow these links. 

Nofollow Directory Submission is a way for webmasters to submit their sites to “Nofollow” directories and still gain valuable backlinks. The simple act of submitting a site to a Nofollow directory is a very low-cost way for a webmaster to make their site more visible in the search engine rankings. If a website owner chooses to deploy this strategy, they will have many more chances at ranking on search engines and increasing traffic.

Dofollow Directory Submission

A dofollow directory submission sites list is when you are submitting your website’s URL to a search engine, blog, or online directory.

Benefits of dofollow directory submissions:

  • Improves rankings in the search engine 
  • Increases the number of visitors to your website and generates more web traffic 
  • Traffic flow is directed toward the content on your site rather than ads; more people click on results with a higher rank in Google and other engines 
  • Great SEO tool for new websites that want to get indexed faster by search engines; helps increase domain authority. 
  • Your website or blog is automatically linked to the site to that you submitted your URL. For example, if you submit your website to a directory, the directory will include a link back to your site. 
  • Creates targeted backlinks profiles (quality and quantity) across the web through online directories.

Niche Directory Submission

There are many different niche directories that offer a variety of content types. Some are blog directories, while others include article directories and product directories. Most niche directory submissions only require one submission to get listed on the site. However, some directories require more than one submission in order to get listed.

List of Niche Directory Submission Site List

The Niche Directory Submission Sites List provides websites that list online directories where people can submit their work. Others listed on the list are directory aggregators, which include blog-based directories and social networking sites. The list also includes directory submission service providers such as blogrolls of websites and directories submitted to search engines such as Google.

Top 10 Free Web Marketing Niche Directory Submission Sites List

S.No.Free Directory Submission WebsitesDAPAGoogle IndexTypeDofollow
01https://www.ontoplist.com/4164Free / Paid
02https://www.submissionwebdirectory.com/3253Free / Paid
03https://www.marketinginternetdirectory.com/3152Free / Paid
04http://www.directoryvault.com/3151Free / Paid
05https://theseoking.com/2445Free / Paid
06https://www.directoryseo.biz/2247Free / Paid
07https://www.freeprwebdirectory.com/2153Free / Paid
08https://www.qualityinternetdirectory.com/2127Free / Paid
09https://www.freeinternetwebdirectory.com/2048Free / Paid
10https://www.marketingwebdirectory.com/1748Free / Paid

Shopping (Fashion) Niche Directory Submission Sites List

S.No.Free Directory Submission WebsitesDAPAGoogle IndexTypeDofollow
1https://www.bedwan.com/2452Free / Paid
2https://www.nonar.com/2250Free / Paid
3https://www.ranaf.com/2249Free / Paid
4https://www.fashionlistings.org/2229Free / Paid
5https://www.generalshoppingdirectory.com/1647Free / Paid
6http://www.cybershopping.ca/2446Free / Paid
7http://www.shoppingdirectory.ws/1528Free / Paid
8http://www.shopfancy.com/1445Free / Paid
9https://shopreg.com/1724Free / Paid
10https://www.allshopsdirectory.com/1034Free / Paid
11http://chocogems.com/1227Free / Paid
12https://stockyourtrolley.com/1128Free / Paid
13http://www.fivestarsclothing.com/1023Free / Paid
14https://www.ukbridaldirectory.co.uk/1040Free / Paid

Regional Directory Submission

Regional Directory Submission is submitting your website detail on different country directory submission sites. It is a general method of “Directory Submission” by which you submit your website detail on different country web directory sites without manual submission.

Regional Directory Submission is also known as “Country Directories”. Here are some other countries’ directory submission sites listed in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Regional Directory Submission maybe not be as much effective as national directory submission but still, it can give good search engine traffic volume to your websites. If you are running a regional website or regional business then “Regional Directory Submissions” can give huge search engine traffic to your regional websites and regional business from all over the world.

List of Regional Directory Submission Sites List

When you are submitting your website details on the following regional directory submission sites then you may get dofollow links. By that dofollow links, you may get link juice. So that you can increase your website rank on the web. If an item is listed on the List of regional Directory Submission Sites, it means that you can find that site in the directory. There is a link to the site’s article in the directory. If there is no link, that means that the site has not been submitted to the directory. If a site has not been submitted but is listed, please add it and submit it to the Directory.

Here are some sites that have not yet been submitted for inclusion in the Directory of Regional Directories:

Top 10 Free USA Web Directory Submission Sites List

S.No.Free Directory Submission WebsitesDAPAGoogle IndexTypeDofollow
01https://www.jayde.com/3957Free / Paid
02https://www.businessseek.biz/3254Free / Paid
03https://www.usalistingdirectory.com/3153Free / Paid
04https://info-listings.com/2747Free / Paid
05https://www.usawebsitesdirectory.com/2650Free / Paid
06https://www.allbusinessdirectory.biz/1948Free / Paid
07https://www.alabamaindex.com/1843Free / Paid
08https://www.allstatesusadirectory.com/1750Free / Paid
09https://www.visionwebdirectory.com/1642Free / Paid
10https://www.diginyc.com/1131Free / Paid

Free UK Web Directories Submission Sites List

S.No.Free Directory Submission WebsitesDAPAGoogle IndexTypeDofollow
01https://www.splut.com/2951Free / Paid
02https://www.ukinternetdirectory.net/2851Free / Paid
03https://www.britainbusinessdirectory.com/2752Free / Paid
04http://thalesdirectory.com/2552Free / Paid
05https://www.the-web-directory.co.uk/1851Free / Paid

Free Australia Web Directories Submission Sites List

S.No.Free Directory Submission WebsitesDAPAGoogle IndexTypeDofollow
01https://www.skoobe.biz/2452Free / Paid
02https://directory.com.au/2243Free / Paid
03https://www.australiawebdirectory.net/2045Free / Paid
04https://www.submit.biz/1950Free / Paid
05https://www.textlinkdirectory.com/1549Free / Paid

Free Canada Web Directories Submission Sites List

S.No.Free Directory Submission WebsitesDAPAGoogle IndexTypeDofollow
01https://www.gmawebdirectory.com/2751Free / Paid
02https://www.canadawebdir.com/2449Free / Paid
03http://www.localsites.ca/2047Free / Paid
04https://www.canadiandirectory.org/1747Free / Paid
05https://www.gtawebdirectory.com/1446Free / Paid

Free India Web Directories Submission sites List

S.No.Free Directory Submission WebsitesDAPAGoogle IndexTypeDofollow
01https://www.fire-directory.com/2845Free / Paid
02http://domaining.in/2446Free / Paid
03https://www.weboworld.com/2252Free / Paid
04https://www.webdirectory.co.in/1848Free / Paid
05https://www.viewfreeads.com/1647Free / Paid

Top 10 Free Web Directory Submission Sites List

S.No.Free Directory Submission WebsitesDAPAGoogle IndexTypeDofollow
01https://www.viesearch.com/4857Free / Paid
02https://www.abc-directory.com/3752Free / Paid
03https://www.somuch.com/3557Free / Paid
04https://www.prolinkdirectory.com/3353Free / Paid
05https://www.cipinet.com/3352Free / Paid
06http://www.hdvconnect.com/3344Free / Paid
07http://www.alistdirectory.com/3053Free / Paid
08https://www.tsection.com/2953Free / Paid
09https://www.1websdirectory.com/2952Free / Paid
10https://www.9sites.net/2951Free / Paid

List of Free Web Directory Submission Sites

S.No.Free Directory Submission WebsitesDAPAGoogle IndexTypeDofollow
01https://www.highrankdirectory.com/2950Free / Paid
02https://www.sonicrun.com/2862Free / Paid
03https://www.elitesitesdirectory.com/2851Free / Paid
04https://www.sitepromotiondirectory.com/2751Free / Paid
05https://www.promotebusinessdirectory.com/2748Free / Paid
06https://www.gainweb.org/2747Free / Paid
07https://www.247webdirectory.com/2651Free / Paid
08https://www.happal.com/2648Free / Paid
09https://www.siteswebdirectory.com/2647Free / Paid
10https://www.w3catalog.com/2550Free / Paid
11https://www.acewebdirectory.com/2550Free / Paid
12https://www.directory-free.com/2452Free / Paid
13https://www.txtlinks.com/2451Free / Paid
14https://www.eslovar.com/2445Free / Paid
15https://www.addbusiness.net/2354Free / Paid
16https://www.dizila.com/2344Free / Paid
17https://www.momsdirectory.net/2248Free / Paid
18https://www.bari.biz/2145Free / Paid
19https://www.worldweb-directory.com/2144Free / Paid
20https://www.flognaw.com/2136Free / Paid
21https://www.onemilliondirectory.com/2050Free / Paid
22https://www.digabusiness.com/2049Free / Paid
23https://www.livepopular.com/2048Free / Paid

How To Do Directory Submission

In most cases, the directory submissions are very easy to complete. Most of them have an automated system that you can use at no cost to you. However, you will get better results if you optimize the page and make sure it meets their standards for submissions. This is because it will not only improve your chances of getting accepted, but it will also give you more traffic from the search engines which could lead to new potential customers down the road.

There are different directories out there that you can use depending on what type of business or field that you are in. This can include web directories for lawyers, health, business, and many others. Not only that, but you can also choose to focus on a specific keyword or area so you can increase the number of relevant visitors that you get from the search engines.

The key with directory submission is to simply choose the right categories and keywords that make sense for your business as a whole. The more targeted you are with your directories, the better it will be, which will make it easier for you to improve your website’s ranking in search engines over time.

Benefits Of Directory Submission

There are many benefits of directory submission, especially when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. They include being able to improve your ranking in search engines as well as being able to increase the number of people coming to your website. This is because you will be building links from relevant web directories, which will be more valuable to search engines than other links on other pages of websites. As a result, this will help you gain more traffic over time.

The main benefit of improving your ranking in the search engine is that it allows you to have more visitors looking at your business or website. You then have a better chance at converting these people into becoming customers or clients which could potentially give you a lot of money in return. You will also increase your visibility for other customers to see your business.


Directory submission remains a useful link-building technique, despite Google’s Penguin Update. Nevertheless, it is important that you do your research before starting any campaign. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your hard work and money if your directories are not 100% safe from being penalized by the search engines.

As a directory submission, you want to look for directories that rank well in search engines by having relevant and useful content. In addition, when you submit your site to directories, it is important that the title of your page is carefully worded so you can attract more visitors to your site through these pages. You should also make sure that the description of your website is written in an interesting and engaging manner. At the end of the day, people are more likely to visit websites where they can learn something new or become interested in what they are reading.

Finally, while there are different strategies on how sites can be listed in directories, one thing remains crucial – always look for manually curated directories instead of automated submission ones.

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